Andy Warhol Tribute

Andy Warhol ( August 6, 1928 – February 22, 1987 ) leading figure in the visual movement known as Pop Art. He is best known for painting Campbell Soup Cans.


Pop Up Market 2018 x Tokopedia : The Factory

Pop Up Market x Tokopedia 2018 bertemakan The Factory bantuy brand lokal kembangkan bisnis kreatif. Ada kategori fashion dan food & beverages.

Buat kalian yang suka mencoba menu – menu baru dari F&B lokal wajib dateng. Karena pada 8-11 Maret 2018 ini, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya kembali menyelenggarakan Pop Up Market di Lantai 2-4, Gourmet Area, Kuningan City yang menghadirkan berbagai produk dari merek dalam negeri. Acara ini dilaksanakan untuk ketujuh kalinya dengan menggandeng Tokopedia untuk berkolaborasi dalam memajukan industri Kreatif Indonesia.

Pada event Pop Up Market tahun ini, terdapat empat agenda utama yang diadakan yaitu Konferensi Pers, Pop Up Talk, Fashion Show dan Pop Up Gathering. Tema Pop Up Market sejak Pop Up Market pertama yaitu pada 2012 hingga 2017 adalah creative distric terkenal di dunia. Pada 2012 temanya Carnaby Street London, 2013 – Fifth Avenue New York 2014 – Shibuya Tokyo, 2015 – Champs Elysees paris, 2016 – Santa Fe New Mexico, dan 2017 memilih Negeen Straatjes Amsterdam. Setiap tahunnya jumlah pengunjung Pop Up Market selalu meningkat yaitu pada 2012 sekitar 14.000 orang hingga 2017 mencapai 72.000. Dan pada tahun ini, Pop Up Market memilih untuk membawa tema The Factory yaitu studio seni Andy Warhol yang berlokasi

Foodinhands juga berpartisipasi sebagai media partner untuk mereview beberapa F&B brand di Food & Beverages Area yang letaknya ada di Lt.3 , jadi setelah berkeliling dan destinasi terakhir adalah booth untuk makan dan minum. Kali ini kita review brand makanan dari @eisaltedegg , @eatprek dan @petale.tisane . Buat kalian yang mau dateng ada banyak F&B brand di area ini juga loh.

Penasaran kaya gimana F&B lokal yang ada di Pop Up Market 2018 x Tokopedia? Jangan lupa datang pada 8-11 maret 201 di Lantai 2-4, Gourmet Area, Kuningan City ya.

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Duran Duran Talk About Andy Warhol // SiriusXM // 80s on 8

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Duran Duran Talk About Andy Warhol // SiriusXM // 80s on 8

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oz days live – taj mahal travellers


The Taj Mahal Travellers were a legendary improvisational group out of Tokyo, who combined Eastern and Western instruments, electronics and vocal chants, and used heavy post-production processing to create unique long flowing jams, with deep organic droning and pulsing, similar to some of the cosmic electronic stuff out of Germany at the same time, though filtered through a Japanese sensibility. Their music is considered at the pinnacle of Asian psychedelic music of the late 1960s and early 1970s. At the same time they were far closer to avant-garde minimalism, with some of the group even disavowing the psychedelic connection. Their few recordings feature long untitled freeform tracks, often taking up an entire side of the record. Formed in 1969 by Takehise Kosugi, a violinist who had already been associated with the Fluxus movement, along with Ryo Koike, Michihiro Kimura, Yukio Tsuchiya, Seiji Nagai, Tokio Hadegawa, and Kinji Hayashi, the Taj Mahal Travellers soon began to perform inter-media concerts in Japan. Between 1971 and 1972 they toured much of Europe and Asia, mostly traveling around in a Volkswagen mini-bus, and even performing at the Taj Mahal in India. For a concert at the Moderna Museet (Modern Museum) in Stockholm, released thirty years later on the double CD Live Stockholm July 1971 by Drone Syndicate, the group was down to the trio of Koike, Kimura, and Tsuchiya. Soon after the tour abroad live material was recorded at the Sohgetsu Hall in Tokyo and released as the LP July 15, 1972 on the Sony label. In 1973 another live performance was featured on one side of the double LP compilation Oz Days Live (also known as Live at Oz), from the underground Oz label. The next year the group went into the studio to record more material, and this was released as the double LP August 1974 on Sony in 1975. The group disbanded that year, and Kosugi continued a prolific solo career, as well as to help some of his music students to start the Taj Mahal Travellers-like group East Bionic Symphonia, who released a self-titled album in 1976. Seiji Nagai went on to study Indian music and electronic music, and finally released a CD Electronic Noise Improvisation 1999, which attempts to recreate the Taj Mahal Travellers spirit with the use of dense electronic drones. – AllMusic


G-string clad Factory superstars hang around a restaurant discussing everything from virginity to the Vietnam War in Andy Warhol’s deadpan sexploitation satire. Featuring a singular performance from Viva (in her film debut), witty repartee from Taylor Mead, and a deliberately crude aesthetic—the artist’s signature in-camera strobe cuts abound—The Nude Restaurant had its commercial run at an off-Times Square theater better known for blue movies. Seeing it there, renowned theater critic Stefan Brecht (Bertolt’s son) reviewed Warhol’s film in the pages of Evergreen, calling it “a dadaist provocation of the audience, frustrating its urge for an audio-visual fix.” – Brooklyn Academy of Music

ANDY WARHOL almost succeeds in undressing everyone in “The Nude Restaurant” at the Hudson Theater, his latest inquiry into the minds and sex life of his brand of beautiful people that he previously probed in such features as “Bike Boy” and “I, a Man.”

Some 40 minutes, or the first part of “Restaurant,” was filmed (in fairly good Eastmancolor) in a bathroom used by Viva, the waitress-diseuse of this study. She is a lanky, dreaming, extremely loquacious type who is quite nude throughout the formless proceedings. “You know,” she casually remarks as a young man joins her in the tub, “Churchill spent eight hours a day in his bath?”

Thereafter, Viva goes on at random about coiffures and friendships with males and females. Eventually, another blonde joins Viva and her male playmate in their ablutions.

Eventually, Viva goes to work in the bòite of the title—the film was shot at the Mad Hatter restaurant here—a place where nudity appears to be a must. There, the frugging, the philosophizing and the aimless chit-chat go on and on, as Mr. Warhol’s Viva and her crowd make observations on virginity, breasts, modeling and municipal laws.

A bare denizen of the “Restaurant” observes that she “loves Warren Beatty,” but she hastily adds, giggling: “I hope he never sees me in this film.” She shouldn’t limit this just to Mr. Beatty. – New York Times, 1967


Bibbe Hansen Edie Sedgwick & Andy Warhol

Several Clips from Jonas Mekas and pics of Bibbe Hansen, with Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol, Gerard Malanga, and Chuck Wein on the couch in the Factory. Music By (IF YOU REAL HAVE TO ASK) IGGY POP-Sixteen, even though she was probably younger .EnJoy Comment if you like.


Vinyl by Andy Warhol – by Film&Clips

Vinyl by Andy Warhol – by Film&Clips

Vinyl is a 1965 American black-and-white experimental film directed by Andy Warhol at The Factory. It is an early adaptation of Anthony Burgess’ novel A Clockwork Orange, starring Gerard Malanga, Edie Sedgwick, Ondine, and Tosh Carillo


Girato nella Factory in un giorno del marzo (secondo altre fonti a fine aprile-inizio maggio) 1965. Liberamente ispirato a brani di A Clockwork Orange di Anthony Burgess (1962)
Restaurato e rimasterizzato digitalmente con la supervisione della Andy Warhol Foundation e di Adriano Aprà.


The Tale of Edie Sedgwick (tribute to Andy Warhol’s superstar)

This short, less than 6 minutes film shows story of Edie Sedgwick life after her arrival to New York City. Birth of the star, her life with Andy Warhol in the Factory, drug addiction, her problems, electric shock therapy treatment and her wedding. Unfortunately the end of this “tale” isn’t happy like in children’s books.

It was created for one of classes at Intermedia faculty, Academy of the Fine Arts in Kraków. I don’t own anything. I used found footage. I made animation out of photos from Vogue or photographers like Stephen Shore. Audio is from Ciao! Manhattan tapes or original videos.

Edie, You are an angel, up, in the silver clouds.
Rest in peace, Little Miss S. – we will never forget you!


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