REALNESS at The ART BALL by the house of LaDurée !


PrettyBoy Realness:
You are a very cute museum guide.
So cute you will make us forget the name of each paintings…

White polo and badge

SchoolBoy Realness:
Art, art and always art ! It’s all that you think about all day, you are a modern art student: very serious and you come to present your best presentation on Pop art to the jury. Be good because it’s rated!

School bag and beret

Drag Realness:
It’s the very famous photographer DAVID LACHAPELLE who will wake up the colored woman who is in you.
You are his muse and you will reproduce the portrait he made of Amanda Lepore (inspired by Marilyn Monroe portrait by Andy Warhol), prepare your best look and come and show us that you did not come to play… AT ALL GIRL!




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EPCC: Amanda Lear ospite di Ale Cattelan

EPCC: Amanda Lear ospite di Ale Cattelan: immagine dopo immagine Amanda Lear ha ripercorso gli incontri con personaggi entrati nella storia, da Andy Warhol a Dalì…con frecciatine alla Tv e in particolare ai reality

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NYC Andy Warhol Event on Fuji Television Network in Japan

February 22, 2007 – April 12, 2007 at CVB Space
Andy Warhol: In His Wake

On the twenty-year anniversary of Warhol’s death, The Carrozzini von Buhler Gallery presented “Andy Warhol: In His Wake”, a group exhibition of works by four well-known celebrity artists from Warhol’s Factory: Ultra Violet, Taylor Mead, Billy Name, and Ivy Nicholson. Also featured was Anton Perich, William John Kennedy and Steve Joester, three artists who documented Warhol, as well as seven artists who have been influenced by him including: Pamela Martin, William Tisdale, Amy Cohen Banker, Cynthia von Buhler, Molly Weingart, Gary Azon, and Ben Stock. Andy Warhol: In His Wake will feature paintings, sculptures, projections, and photography by exhibiting artists.

The Carrozzini von Buhler Gallery was transformed to look like Warhol’s infamous Silver Factory with glittering silver walls, disco balls, silver pillow balloons, and aluminum foil drapes.

There was also a LEVIS fashion show at The Gershwin Hotel.

The clip includes a short interview with artist Cynthia von Buhler and features her interactive art pieces: The Great Warhola Forune Telling Machine & Art Dealer Machine, It Could Happen To You, and Sir Reptitous (which houses live rats). For a tour of Von Buhler’s studio, given by a large bunny rabbit, search YouTube for “The Studio Visit”.