Mom…I’m an Artist | Let’s Play Quick, Draw!

I’ve given up my life as a Youtuber and have embraced the life of an artist, like a Van Gogh or an Andy Warhol.

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Create unique Sims with personalities and control their lives. Get Can a neural network learn to recognize doodling? Help teach it by adding your drawings to the world’s largest doodling data set, shared publicly to help with machine learning research.

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Majora’s Mask 3D Time-lapse, Sky During 4th Day Glitch

Majora’s Mask 3D’s moon falling over the period of 3 days and the destruction of Termina filmed in time-lapse photography. Game over man, game over!

“Video game art is a specialized form of computer art employing video games as the artistic medium. Video game art often involves the use of patched or modified video games or the repurposing of existing games or game structures, however it relies on a broader range of artistic techniques and outcomes than artistic modification and it may also include painting, sculpture, appropriation, in-game intervention and performance, sampling, etc.[citation needed] It may also include the creation of art games either from scratch or by modifying existing games. Notable examples of video game art include Cory Arcangel’s “Super Mario Clouds” and “I Shot Andy Warhol,”[1] Joseph Delappe’s projects including “Dead in Iraq” and the “Salt Satyagraha Online: Gandhi’s March to Dandi in Second Life,”[2][3] the 2004-2005 Rhizome Commissions “relating to the theme of games,”[4] Paolo Pedercini’s Molleindustria games such as “Unmanned” and “Every Day the Same Dream”, and Ian Bogost’s “Cowclicker.”

Artistic modifications are frequently made possible through the use of level editors, though other techniques exist. Some artists make use of machinima applications to produce non-interactive animated artworks, however artistic modification is not synonymous with machinima as these form only a small proportion of artistic modifications.[citation needed] Machinima is distinct from art mods as it relies on different tools, though there are many similarities with some art mods.[citation needed]

Like video games, artistic game modifications are often interactive and may allow for single-player or multiplayer experience. Multiplayer works make use of networked environments to develop new kinds of interaction and collaborative art production.”

Game studies: applying the social sciences, ludology, and narratology to video games & other cultural artifacts. It’s not all about game theories, let’s plays, and art here, we don a darker tone and take a more serious approach in documenting the underlying symbolism and philosophical underpinnings of a work’s imagery and narrative. Through analysis and review we start to tumble down the rabbit hole – a metaphor for an entry into the unknown, the disorienting or the mentally deranging, occult, fringe, esoteric or even forbidden… Illuminati confirmed…

Welcome to Down The Rabbit Hole, a program guided by recognized and award winning artist Asher Aries, the MUSHROOMBASSIST, AKA The King Of Games.

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CLOUD STRIFE REMAKE || Costume Design Art

I’m currently designing costumes for the Final Fantasy boys, and thought Cloud was a pretty good place to start considering the reboot is coming sorta maybe soonish. I combined outfits from numerous games and movies and came up with this!
Hi, Iā€™m Hannah, welcome to my channel! I work as full time artist who specialises in costume design and Art Nouveau style illustrations with pop culture themes. YouTube is a fun way for me to share my work and how I do things, so if you like my content please subscribe and join my little art community!
PAINT: Daler-Rowney / Winsor and Newton (Artists)
PENCILS: Faber-Castell Art Grip
PAPER: Langtons cold pressed 300gsm
CAMERA: Nikon D5300
MIC: Rode Shotgun
TABLET: Bamboo Wacom CTL-470
PROGRAMS: Photoshop Cs6 and MangaStudio5
PRINTER: Canon Pixma 100-s
Music provided by Epidemic Sound